Why Kobe’s Last Game Was The Most Kobe Game Of His Career

Almost one month ago, on April 13, 2016, Los Angeles Lakers veteran guard Kobe Bryant launched a record (in the 40 years) 50 field goal attempts in his final game, tallying a total of 60 points.

Throughout his career, Kobe Bryant has been chastised for shooting too much, not deferring to teammates when was was cold etc. However, in his final game, it was okay as the media and fans finally let Kobe be Kobe even though Kobe has always done his own thing regardless.

Right from the get-go, it was a Kobe like game as the Mamba missed his first 5 shots. Most people would chalk that up to having a cold shooting night and dial back the aggression. Not this guy. He shot 45 more times that game, the last 5 of which all scored ironically. Included in these last 5 was the game winning basket which propelled the Purple and Gold from being down most of the game to taking a one point lead which they never relinquished but instead increased to 101-96 at the end of regulation.

All in all, what better way to sum up Bryant’s career thanthe way he played in his final game: a winning and sometimes streaky gunner who hits clutch shots. Kobe, as you ride off into the sunset, on behalf of basketball fans everywhere, I would like to thank you for 20 years of entertainment on the basketball court.

Take care.


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